Rita Ora’s New Pin up girl tattoo

Rita Ora’s New Pin up girl tattoo The British pop star, Rita Ora and best friend Cara Delevingne seem to do everything together lately, including getting tattoos together. Rita Ora and Cara were in New York City for Fashion Week and couldn’t leave without taking a visit to renowned NYC celebrity tattooist, Bang Bang McCurdy. […]

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Navel Removal

Body Modification: Navel removal

Body Modification: Navel removal & Surgery Take a closer look at the photo below and you’ll notice there is no navel (belly button). No, this hasn’t been Photoshopped out, it’s been surgically removed. Navel removal is a very rare type of body modification, as many professional cosmetic surgeons and body modification artists will not perform […]

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Getting a Tattoo

Tattoo addiction

Tattoo addiction The word addiction is often used a lot when it comes to tattoos. But can someone really become addicted to having tattoos? An addiction itself can be very difficult to describe, and the language used to describe addition has shifted in response to more information about the way the brain works. An addiction […]

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