Anchor Tattoos

Anchor-TattooThe anchor tattoo is one of the oldest tattoo designs around and is popular among both men and women. The anchor tattoo design first began to catch popularity in the 1900s when sailors began to wear this design. They used the anchor tattoo to symbolize their association to the sea and also was a symbol of an experienced sailor. The anchor tattoo then began to gain popularity with the Navy and marines, they would commonly associate a picture of their ship in their anchor tattoo or the number of their outfit which would symbolize their pride and also represented America.

Anchors only serve one purpose which is to hold the ship steady in the sea. When the anchor is dropped, the water can not move the ship therefore the anchor tattoo symbolizes “Stability”. It also symbolizes that everything in your life is falling in place and you are doing good in life. Another variation to that meaning is that you have stable surroundings and in most cases, this refers to your family. It can also represent someone in a stable relationship and often you will see couples with matching anchor tattoos to symbolize their relationship to each other.

The anchor tattoo also has an association with Christianity. When Christians were under the Romans control, they would spend most of their time hiding from the Romans therefore they would use the anchor to resemble the cross so there would be no sign of their religion and also used the anchor to signal other Christians in secrecy.

The anchor tattoo can be combined with many other designs such as flowers, skulls, eagles, hearts, wings, ribbons and nautical stars to give it a unique feel. And can be very ordinary and traditional looking or can be very colorful and bond. That is what makes the anchor tattoo design such a great design as you can make it as unique as you want and personal to you.