Pin-up girl tattoos

pin-up-girl-tattooPin-up girl tattoos are a very popular design being more common among men, with a very small portion of women choosing this design. The term ‘pin-up’ is referred to women who is very attractive, beautiful and the kind of women that men would want to pin up to their wall. This tattoo design is based on vintage pin-up girl posters, which were of models or actresses who posed for these posters and wore full make-up and cosmetic aids such as false eyelashes and fake beauty spots, bright lipstick and smoky eye shadow with perfect hairstyles, every mans desire. Pin-up girls are usually poised in seductive, alluring, or coy positions, showing their legs and cleavage or back and butts.

Tattoo designs

Some people choose the design where the woman is very comical and funny looking, with a humorous expression on their face, while other times people will choose a design where the girl is very innocent and sweet looking, with wide-eyes and trusting expressions. While other men will choose to have their design to resemble there fantasy woman, girlfriend, wife or model/actress. Other pin-up variations include styles from other cultures, like geishas or Native Americans and even from another world, like aliens, vampires, zombies or robots. An important aspect of the pin-up girl tattoo design is whether it’s from 1890’s or from today, is the style the woman is drawn in, as she is usually two dimensional and is outlined in black ink with flat representation with colorful inside, although sometimes the design can be black and white or involve shading and intricate detailing. Pin-up girl tattoos are usually not realistic, even when the girl is designed to look like an actual person. Original vintage pin-up tattoos feature girls in a variety of sexy positions, wearing anything from swim suits to sailor outfits to bath towels, today’s pin-up girl tattoos usually harkens back to the first era, copying the old school design or morphing it into the popular new school style. Pin-up girl tattoos have also become very popular with modern girls and women as these designs are a symbol of femininity, old fashioned ideals, of their strength and sign of female empowerment. Vintage styles are making a comeback, especially the red lipstick and smoky eyes which was very popular in the 1950’s. And as girls begin to wear this vintage chic, they have begun to express their love for this era through their tattoo design of women from the mid-20th century.

History of the pin-up girl tattoo

Pin-up girl tattoos first became popular in the 1890’s when men’s magazines began to feature photos of a scantily clad woman in the centrefold; the women were usually adored models or actresses who had caught the public’s attention and were posed in very seductive ways, pouting and batting their eyelids. Pin-up girl tattoos were very popular during the first and second world wars, because Marines, Soldiers and military fighters would get this type of tattoo design before leaving for the war as a reminder of what they were fighting for or to resemble a girlfriend, wife or favourite actress/model. During the late 19th century and early 20th century, pin-up girl images were considered risqué by some people and downright crude by the more conservative types. Pin-up girl tattoos were very popular around the late 19th century and were often wearing men’s attire, especially military and naval uniforms, the costumes worn by the girls were appealing because of the way that the male outfits and uniforms had been transformed to be sexy and feminine. The modern day pin-up girl tattoos have become more seductive, wearing smaller outfits and revealing more flesh than the vintage pin-up girl image.

Finding a design right for you

When trying to find a pin-up girl tattoo that is right for you, can be really tough as you need to find one that is going to meet your needs and as there are so many options that exist already, it can be a hard decision. Artistically speaking you may want to speak with the person who is going to be doing your tattoo, to get an idea of what type of placement they think would be best for you as the placement is one of the most important parts of getting a tattoo, the special availability of the body varies depending on where you place the tattoo. The best way to find the right tattoo for you is to check out online tattoo websites as tattoo artists are the ones who design a lot of the online tattoo collections or even purchase a few tattoo books to see what’s out there as it’s a small price to pay for something that will be on your body forever.