Fade Away Review

fade-away-reviewDo you want to get rid of that unwanted tattoo? Well Fade Away tattoo removal cream may just be your way of fading that unwanted ink. It is estimated that 50% of adults over 40, who have tattoos want them removed and many of them are using products like fade-away to lower the overall cost as it’s a lot cheaper than most other tattoo removal options. Although there are highly effective laser tattoo removal options, tattoo removal creams are the cheaper and easiest way of getting rid of that unwanted ink from the comfort of your own home. Fade away is an at home tattoo removal system that fades away your tattoo without the pain or scarring of laser or light treatments.

How does Fade Away work?

Fade-away tattoo removal cream allows you to fade your unwanted tattoo from the privacy of your own home. When applying Fade-Away directly to the tattoo, it penetrates and chemically breaks up the ink that’s in the dermal layers of the skin. When using Fade-away, you will need to apply daily for several months to see any significant changes to the fading of your tattoo.

How well does Fade Away work?

The speed and effectiveness of Fade Away all depends on several variables, such as the age of your tattoo, the type of ink used, the depth it was injected too, and the shade of color. Older tattoos tend to fade faster and more completely than new tattoos. Also lighter ink tends to fade fairly quicker, while darker and deeper inks usually take a bit longer. Fade Away is good for removing tattoos that are approximately 2” to 4” in size. Many tattoo removal cream users report no change in the appearance of their tattoo at all, but most people see considerable lightening at the very least. Complete tattoo removal is very difficult, and can take a very long time to achieve using removal creams.

How to apply Fade Away?

The best way to see if Fade-Away is working for you is to take pictures each month from the beginning to see your progress and how effective it’s working on your skin. Always check the label to make sure you’re not allergic or have sensitive skin to any of the ingredients inside of Fade Away and if you’re unsure about using Fade Away, speak to a dermatologist first to ask their opinion and advice. And read the instructions that come with your Fade Away carefully before applying.

Step 1: First thing you will need to do before applying Fade Away is to use lukewarm water and soap to wash and rinse the tattoo area. And then you will need to use the cleanser to prepare the skin to accept the fading process, this will also remove any excess oil and dirt from the area and it will improve the texture of your skin.

Step 2: The next step is the skin scrub. During this step all the dead layers of your skin are removed to increase your skins ability to absorb the cream. It includes an anti-inflammatory property which lightens the skin allowing the fading agents to absorb deep into the dermis (skin).

Step 3: The final step is to apply the cream to your tattoo; the cream should be applied daily for the best results. The fading of your tattoo is a slow process and may take a few months to see any significant changes. Ingredients in the cream include lighteners for pigmentation, moisturizers, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, and anti-viral properties.

Advantages and disadvantages of Fade Away


Fade Away is formulated to fade the appearance of all tattoo colors.

Can be applied in the comfort of your own home and saves you from the chances of laser scaring.

Safe to use on all skin types.

Fade Away is cheaper than other procedures, for example it only costs a fraction of laser tattoo removal.

Does not contain Hydroquinone or TCA and contains all natural ingredients.


Fade Away cannot completely remove the tattoo from your skin; it will only fade the tattoo to the point where it will be barely visible.

Results are not guaranteed from using Fade Away.

The degree of which the tattoo will fade depends on the age, depth of the tattoo on the skin and the kind of ink used therefore you may not get the result you wanted.

My best advice to anyone wanting to use tattoo removal creams to get rid of their unwanted tattoo, is to do your research into the different types of removal creams before choosing the one best for you, compare them to see which is best. Also ask other people’s opinions and views of people you know or write on forums (such as the one of this website) to see what other people think and see what has worked for them. Remember these removal creams don’t always work for everyone, so you might not always get the result you hoped for.

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